Chris Staub chris at
Mon May 29 06:23:37 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> I will come back to my house late night, and if there is no serious reason against the
>> idea, the voting procedure will come to an end.
> Who put you in charge of something as important as changing the
> fundamental way things are done? You gotta be kidding. You are
> going to call for a vote during a holiday weekend and end it
> during that same holiday weekend. Totally unreasonable.

I haven't really been following this discussion lately (mainly because 
it's such a long thread with so many different things being discussed 
and at least 3 topic changes in the same thread) but I don't remember 
seeing anyone mention anything about a separate "book" before. I know a 
separate project to maintain bootscripts and/or udev rules has been 
suggested, but I didn't know anything about a whole "book" that would 
also be separate from LFS (but again, I probably just missed it due to 
the sheer number of messages about this topic). I really don't see the 
need for it.

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