Separate book?

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Mon May 29 09:11:02 PDT 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> 1. Target audience. It is impossible to understand udev and kernel fully 
> without reading the source. So, at least for some sections, a working 
> knowledge of C must be assumed. AFAIK, this is unacceptable for the LFS 
> book.

Indeed, and in fact, I think it is unacceptable for anywhere other than 
upstream.  i.e. patches should be made to udev to improve the man page 
and/or other documentation it installs so as having to understand the C 
code is no longer a requirement to understanding how to configure it to 
meet one's needs.  That said, if such explanatory material can be 
written I will gladly add it as an appendix to the book so as at least 
it is available to our readers.



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