Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon May 29 13:06:36 PDT 2006

TheOldFellow wrote these words on 05/29/06 14:29 CST:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Some of whom paid that price to defend *your* country.
> I asked because I didn't know.

I took your message the wrong way. If instead of trying to make a
joke, you had said, "What holiday is that you guys are honoring
(celebrating) today?", of course my answer would have been different.

As an honorably discharged veteran of a branch of the United States
military, I can honestly say that I feel for those that have lost
loved ones. Protocol is on this day, the US flag is to be flown at
half mast until noon. My flag was indeed at half mast until noon and
is flying proudly at the top of the mast right now.

I thought for sure you, of all people, would know to use Google if
you "didn't know".

> However, don't accuse me of insensitivity, Randy.

I was not accusing you of anything Richard. I was polite, and was
simply trying to stem what I felt was an attempted joke about the
meaning of today's holiday.

>  Just after you have 
> shot down our Greek ally.

This is totally uncalled for. Who is you? Are you placing me in
whatever category you're throwing criticism at?

But, you aren't the first Brit I've run across that will jump at
the chance to criticize people abroad (note, I am not categorizing
all British citizens, I don't wish to start anything).


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