My Future Vision of xLFS was Re: Bootscripts - Why combining is a bad thing

Jim Gifford lfs at
Tue May 30 11:03:02 PDT 2006

    I'm looking at this a totally different angle. Right now there is no 
cooperation from projects, I think you can agree with this. To me this 
one of many steps to help tie the projects together and be united.

    My vision is that there will be no more developer walls, people only 
working on CLFS, LFS, or BLFS, but a complete xLFS development team. 
This step here takes a minor task and development of scripts and rules 
to a group that can handle that. This group has ties to all projects. If 
they can work together, then we can try to get a xLFS development team 

    The xLFS development team, would still have it's leaders for each of 
the book, Gerard and Matt for LFS, Ryan and Myself for CLFS, Bruce and 
yourself for BLFS. We can utilize the ticket system we have currently 
and you would be able to assign the best person to fix a particular 
area. Example: My expertise is mail systems, if there was an issue in a 
mail system, you could assign that ticket to me to fix it. If there was 
an issue with a PPC64 build, I could assign the ticket to JH or Ken.

    The other benefit of this, is when it gets to release time, we can 
concentrate resources where it needs to be to get a the release out on 
the schedule that was provided.

    This is my future vision of the xLFS project.

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