Stef Bon stef at bononline.tk
Thu Nov 2 03:18:37 PST 2006

Bryan Kadzban wrote:

> Stef Bon wrote:
>> Socket operation on non-socket

> Based on pure guesswork, I'd say it's possible that your kernel doesn't
> have PF_NETLINK (netlink socket) support.  But that's just a guess; we'd
> need the error description from the socket or bind call to know for sure.

Yes, I've guessed that also. I'm not sure about this. Is there an option in
the configuration of the kernel to enable this? I've got one of the latest

I find there:

General setup/
        Export task/process statistics through netlink 


        Networking options/
                Network packet filtering/
                        Core Netfilter Configuration/


Device Drivers/
        Connector - unified userspace <-> kernelspace linker/

Do I have to enable one or all or do I miss something here?


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