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Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Thu Nov 2 04:12:24 PST 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> This is off topic, but could someone with mailman privileges please 
> make patches subscriber only or blacklist a user? It's getting 
> hammered with spam.

Well...  I think whoever it is has stopped sending long ago (probably
yesterday around 10:30 AM my time).  Actually, I think the problem was
that the patches list address was used as the forged From: address on
one spam, and that particular ISP is deciding to bounce 1000 copies of
every spam messages to the apparent sender -- at the end of all of those
messages, was this line:

> To send Spam Mail is forbidden, every received Spam Mail they will be
>  sent to the principal sender 1000 of it.

Bunch of complete and utter morons.  You CAN'T USE THE FROM ADDRESS FOR


> With the SP2 won't be more possible to send Spam Mail!

Male bovine excrement.  XPSP2 doesn't help this one bit, not with the
number of other problems it has.

But anyway, last night, after receiving 200-300 of these, I unsubscribed
from patches around 8 PM or so.  I kept receiving these spams; about 700
more in total.  I *finally* got the unsub notification a few minutes
ago, around 7 AM today.

It seems that they just keep coming because the MX server
(looks like that's belg?) was having problems sending all the spams to
all the list subscribers -- it was getting so backed up, that my lfs-dev
reply to Stef Bon (in the udev-103 thread) didn't show up until late
last night either.

Basically, everything was killed by this huge spate of messages to the
entire list, and I think the problem was that it took so long to send
each one out to each subscriber.  I have a feeling it's done now, but
I'm not so sure that blacklisting that particular user would prevent it.
Any other ISP could decide to do something just as retarded.

As much as I don't like making lists subscriber-only in general, that's
the only way I can think of to stop this in the future that would work.
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