expect patch testing

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Nov 2 10:10:00 PST 2006

Greg Schafer wrote:
> Exactly where you were before. Nothing has changed.

Yes, mostly. With the exception that I know a little bit more about the 
history of the patch. :) If you, or anyone else, has more information on 
the reasons why the expect devs say that it's a problem with tcl (or 
that HJL's patch is a workaround and not a solution) I'd be grateful for 
the info.

> The expect maintainer says it's a bug in tcl. But good luck trying to
> manufacture a self-contained tcl test case..

Indeed. I'm getting the feeling that this isn't going to be resolved for 
6.3 like our current ticket says.


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