Use of unionfs to build lfs in stage 5 en 6.

Vladimir A. Pavlov pv4 at
Thu Nov 23 12:43:47 PST 2006

Hi, Stef!

The idea is really great but I think there are several problems with
it :(

AFAIK UnionFS isn't in the mainline kernel at the time and we cannot
force people to download, build and modprobe a third-party kernel

Many people believe if a thing isn't in the mainline then the
developers think it's not stable enough to include it there. This's
especially true for such important components of a system as the
kernel, glibc, gcc, binutils.

> In chapter 6 the unionfs is not necessary anymore. And the tools directory
> is not used, which is making things easier.

/tools is also used instead of /usr to _separate_ the temporary tools
built in the ch.5 from the resulting ones built in the ch.6.

Building the ch.5 as you pointed may (in theory) result in the
resulting /usr hierarchy containing something that was installed in the
ch.5, that being unacceptable. So, we at least _have_ to use UnionFS in
the ch.6 as well.

> What do you think? 
> The existing situation works, but this new construction looks good.

BTW, the existing way is time-proved.

However, the above is just my humble opinion.

Nothing but perfection

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