linux UTF-8 patch (was: Re: r7818 - in trunk/BOOK: chapter01 chapter07)

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Wed Oct 4 21:00:40 PDT 2006

matthew at wrote:
> Update the description of UTF-8 support in Linux-2.6.18
Sorry, the patch for the text that I submitted earlier is incomplete. 
The following textual issue has to be resolved.

In LFS-6.2, copying-and-pasting of non-ASCII characters with GPM worked 
because of the kernel patch. So, no locale-related issues were recorded 
in BLFS on the GPM page. Now it is broken, because the patch is no 
longer there, and upstream doesn't accept the patch.

The issue has to be documented in both LFS and BLFS. LFS should say that 
for any real work with UTF-8 (even editing simple text!) the X window 
system is mandatory because of this. BLFS should say on the GPM page 
that GPM can copy-and-paste only ASCII characters if the console is in 
UTF-8 mode with LFS SVN (but not 6.2).

Alexander E. Patrakov

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