Bonding ifup-script for LFS 6.2

Philox / Jonathan Salomon joni at
Thu Oct 12 13:42:43 PDT 2006

Hi Dan!
> Sounds nice. I think there are a handful of fixes that should go into
> our if* scripts. Could you do me a favor and repost with a diff to the
> original ifup? `diff -u <orig> <new>'.
> Also, instead of using ethtool and ifconfig for everything, I'd
> suggest looking in sysfs to see if these values exist there. It would
> be easier than parsing output. Since we don't install ethtool (that I
> know about) in BLFS, it would be hard to put it in the network
> scripts.
> Look in /sys/class/net/<interface>/ at the different files there.
> Also, try looking in /proc/net.
Sure I'll see how I can improve this. I will post my adjusments shortly 
when I've had some time to sort it out.


Philox, Ltd
Jonathan Salomon

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