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Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sun Oct 15 15:44:00 PDT 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> $(lastword ) didn't work, I think because the string returned by
> udevinfo has a , in it and that has special meaning to the make
> functions.

Hmm.  It worked in my CLFS system, using make 3.81.  But it failed when
I just tried it in my LFS-6.1-ish system, using make 3.80.  So maybe it
depends on the version, or maybe there's some kind of oddity with CLFS
x86_64 multilib.

Either way, the awk looks like it'll work just as well, so I'd go with
that anyway.

> Attaching try 2.

Looks good to me.  I added an "echo" target to echo out the value of
some of the variables, so I could make sure it was working properly
(this is how I tested my $(lastword ) version too), and it seems fine.
(I don't plan on checking it in with that target in place, though.)

However, I've been leaning more and more towards installing the stuff in
rules.d in the udev tarball from there, instead of duplicating it, as
Mark Rosenstad has been proposing for a while.  (I don't think SuSE's
rules would work well, but I do think the files that we have duplicates
of would.)  If we do this, I'd remove the 05, 60, and 95 entries from
the RULES_FILES variable, and svn rm those files from the repo.  But I'd
rather not delete the corresponding doc files, because I don't see much
other documentation existing for those files.  (Except the comments.)

It would probably work to have another variable; UPSTREAM_DOC_FILES or
something like that, which contains the names of the .txt files for the
upstream standard rules files.  That list could then be added to the
loop in the install-doc target.  (Speaking of upstream rules files, I
should probably add doc files for the rule_generator stuff one of these
days, too.)  That could easily start off empty for now.

I'll give this a couple more days (being a weekend, people may not have
had a chance to read much) for more comments before doing anything,
though.  Unless you think it's been long enough; if you want to add it,
go ahead.  I'd probably wait until we have a version that works with
getting the 05/60/60/95 rules from upstream, though, before making a
tarball and bumping the book version entity.
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