Binutils testsuite

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue Oct 24 21:03:16 PDT 2006


if the user includes "-Os" in his CFLAGS, binutils tests in LFS-6.2 will 
show 21 failures ("visibility" and "shared" tests). 18 of them don't 
show up if the "binutils-2.17-ppc64_fix_testsuite-1.patch" testsuite fix 
from CLFS is applied. The rationale of that patch is explained in

> When not using -fpic/-fPIC, we really can't expect overriding to work
> if there is definition in the same source file.  GCC assumes a symbol
> in the executable can't be overridden
and all those failing tests are just about symbol overriding. I.e.: the 
issue is with the testsuite itself, it makes unjustified assumptions 
about gcc.

This is not an issue for LFS by default because it unsets CFLAGS. 
However, this may be an issue with DIY. As a workaround, I propose to 
change the binutils test command from "make check" to "make CFLAGS= 
check", in order to make the expectation cited above valid again, at 
least on x86. Better solutions are, of course, welcome.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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