31 patches and counting

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Oct 29 11:36:45 PST 2006

Hi folks.

Having just upgraded a whole slew of packages last night, a lot of
patches were able to be dropped as they've been applied upstream.  I
therefore decided to reassess where we're at in terms of patches that
should be submitted upstream.  Unfortunately the news isn't too good.
Since my original assessment back in August, we've gone from 35 patches
down to 31, despite dropping 8 patches between last night and this evening.

The number of patches that require some sort of action (either 
submitting upstream as-is, or reworking then submitting) has remained 
the same (17) over that period.

As I've been really pushed for time recently, I'd appreciate it if any 
of you could take up the challenge of getting some more of our patches 
pushed upstream.  I'm particularly frustrated at missing out on the 
Inetutils release as we could have gotten the relatively trivial looking 
no_server_man_pages patch in a reasonable state, I think (see 
for Dan's latest revision of that).

Alexander, I know you submitted a lot of the patches upstream last time. 
  If you could provide an update on the outcome of those submissions I'd 
appreciate it (though I realise you, too, are very busy).

Also, if someone could take the time to move the content on 
http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~matthew/lfs-patch-status.html to the 
Wiki and link to it from somewhere prominent within the Wiki hierarchy 
that'd be great.  That way, maybe folks could sign themselves up for a 
patch or two and keep the page updated with their status. 
Alternatively, we could create tickets for each of the patches that need 
to go upstream and treat the fact that they haven't been submitted as 
the bugs they really are?



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