Slow but finally just about done

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Tue Oct 31 14:49:54 PST 2006

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> I accepted employment with them.


One thing though -- do I remember correctly that the co-lo agreement for
the current servers was a side benefit of your old job?  Or isn't that
how it was set up?  If it is how it was set up, then I assume you've
looked into bandwidth options for the server; how do they compare?

(Or am I just really confused?  Entirely possible...  ;-P)

> I plan to use the opportunity to get LFS out of maintenance mode and 
> back as a forward moving project the way we all want it to be, and it
> used to be.


Getting more testing on the udev bits that I've changed recently can't
possibly be bad.  Assuming that's part of what you meant; I await more
details with bated breath.  ;-)
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