[ANNOUNCE] Next Generation build method

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Mon Dec 10 13:41:06 PST 2007


While we are talking about the evolution of LFS, now seems like a good
time to announce to the wider LFS community the availability of a Next
Generation build method.

The main advantages of the new method are:

 - sane x86_64 bi-arch (aka Multilib)
 - no more weird host issues like those experienced recently by Alexander
   on Debian Lenny
 - when targeting x86_64, it doesn't matter whether the host is running
   32-bit or 64-bit kernel or userland or combination of both, it just

The new method is actually just a variation on the current build with
these key differences:

 - Pass 1's of Binutils and GCC are built as cross tools to form a cross
 - Temptools Glibc is cross compiled using the cross toolchain, with
   everything after this built natively
 - GCC is no longer bootstrapped. We've been kidding ourselves for years
   on this issue. Detailed explanation later

The new work is not yet finished, but I can say with good authority that
folks wanting x86_64 bi-arch will soon no longer have to refer to CLFS.

Some background mailing list posts:


The Work-In-Progress new method is published here. Please heed the
warning, and note also that extra environment setup is required (detailed
earlier in the document).



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