[ANNOUNCE] Next Generation build method

Ivan Kabaivanov chepati at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 10 14:08:08 PST 2007

On Monday 10 December 2007 16:41, Greg Schafer wrote:
> Hi,
> While we are talking about the evolution of LFS, now seems like a good
> time to announce to the wider LFS community the availability of a Next
> Generation build method.
> The main advantages of the new method are:
>  - sane x86_64 bi-arch (aka Multilib)
>  - no more weird host issues like those experienced recently by Alexander
>    on Debian Lenny
>  - when targeting x86_64, it doesn't matter whether the host is running
>    32-bit or 64-bit kernel or userland or combination of both, it just
>    works.


this is perfect timing -- we're mulling over the same thing for ipcop, however 
our --target will still be i486-unknown-linux-gnu (no multilib).  But I've 
found it such a mess adapting LFS build instructions to x86_64 build hosts, 
that I decided to just build a cross-compiler first to bootstrap the build.

> The new method is actually just a variation on the current build with
> these key differences:
>  - Pass 1's of Binutils and GCC are built as cross tools to form a cross
>    toolchain
>  - Temptools Glibc is cross compiled using the cross toolchain, with
>    everything after this built natively
>  - GCC is no longer bootstrapped. We've been kidding ourselves for years
>    on this issue. Detailed explanation later

right, I was planning on doing the same thing by mixing the right parts of 
CLFS into current LFS, but having all the necessary instructions in LFS 
proper is ideal.

I was thinking that we'll end up cross compiling even on 32bit build hosts 
just to keep the build instructions universal.  Will have to see how you 
solved this.

We're also using the linux32 shell wrapper to "emulate" x86.

> The new work is not yet finished, but I can say with good authority that
> folks wanting x86_64 bi-arch will soon no longer have to refer to CLFS.
> Some background mailing list posts:
> http://www.diy-linux.org/pipermail/diy-linux-dev/2007-October/001123.html
> http://www.diy-linux.org/pipermail/diy-linux-dev/2007-October/001125.html
> http://www.diy-linux.org/pipermail/diy-linux-dev/2007-November/001161.html
> The Work-In-Progress new method is published here. Please heed the
> warning, and note also that extra environment setup is required (detailed
> earlier in the document).
> http://www.diy-linux.org/reference-build/temptools2.html

will have a look into this.


> Regards
> Greg
> --
> http://www.diy-linux.org/

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