proposal for inclusion of e2fsprogs in chapter 5

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Tue Dec 11 20:04:56 PST 2007

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Thomas Pegg wrote:
> Actually were using the host's mount at that point unless your adding
> /tools/bin to the root user path (which is not in the book I might add),

Oh, I forgot that part runs as root.  I was thinking it was still the
lfs user for some reason (even though mount won't work for non-root
users anyway unless they refer to something in fstab).  Obviously I
wasn't thinking very clearly.

OK, never mind.

> since su'ing to root even from the lfs user the path does not carry 
> over, /tools/bin is lost.

It will carry over unless your shell login scripts explicitly reset it.
Now that's probably a fairly common thing to have the login scripts do,
actually, but it's not required, and child processes (including shells)
inherit anything that's exported.  (By "shell login scripts" I mean
~/.bash_profile, ~/.bashrc, and/or /etc/profile.)

But what it *won't* do is carry over from the lfs user's shell (the one
that su started right after the lfs user was created) to the root shell
(the shell that ran su).
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