Default filesystem

Luca liliana.perossa at
Fri Feb 2 22:03:43 PST 2007


Only a reflection.
LFS officially supports Ext3 as default file-system and in BLFS book we 
find under File Systems ReiserFS and XFS progs. These filesystems are 
judged stable (Reiser4 is not judgeable as it is too young but it's 
faster than those; I found only a bug after testing it for some months, 
a temporary disk freeze - minutes - after some working hours) so why not 
adding official support for Ext2 (too old and replaced by Ext3), Ext3 
(to be replaced by Ext4), ReiserFS and XFS as possible default filesystem?
It should be possible to add experimental support for Reiser4 too (as 
stated by Alexander and me it works well with LFS-6.2; anyway I started 
experimenting it some months ago with lfs-svn versions) but it has some 
required pre-requisites and some extra packages need to be added in 
LFS-book - this is valid for ReiserFS/XFS too.
I, for a "project" of mine, tried LFS using other file-systems too: IBM 
JFS, Axis JFFS and Red Hat JFFS2.


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