Default filesystem

Luca liliana.perossa at
Fri Feb 2 22:54:01 PST 2007

Hi Dan.

I didn't mean that it is said you *must* or some editor's preference or 
else I simply mean another thing, here reported some of his words 
(Alexader) in a private conversation:

"Anyway, I am afraid that any attempt to build LFS on any filesystem 
other than ext3 is now considered an unforgivable deviation from the 
book (reason for such thought: for a long time, reiserfsprogs failed to 
build, and xfsprogs page contained a dead link - but both issues are 
fixed now)."

This led me to such reflection; I mean, if it is considered an " 
unforgivable deviation" from the book it could imply that Ext3 is 
officially supported while others not.

I hope that now what I meant is clearer...


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