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TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Sat Feb 3 10:03:41 PST 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On 2/3/07, TheOldFellow <theoldfellow at> wrote:
>> Having read this and thought about it some more, I guess I'd suggest
>> changing the book to build into a directory, then add some chapters on
>> moving the built system to a bootable partition - and then making it
>> bootable.
>> This way we can have a simple scheme for the Newbies and Volume
>> Management or other exotica for the Gurus.  This is what I actually do
>> these days.  Your last point is well made, however.
> It's not a bad idea, but isn't any Guru gonna be smart enough to know
> that they don't need to create a new filesystem/partition?
> --
> Dan

Yes, I rambled on about it, but in the end I agree with you.   Alex
makes a good point about not giving too much scope for getting it wrong
- learners need to succeed to be encouraged.

Frankly, I think LFS is just about right - which is one reason that
there isn't much going on ;-)  And so I get bored with it :-(

What I need is something it can't handle, like Udev for several months a
year ago, or a new booting scheme...


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