Boot sequence speed-up?

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sat Feb 3 11:31:43 PST 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> On a much more modern machine than the 500mhz machine I threw out 
> stats on already (2400+ Athlon), from the time boot logging starts 
> and the time it ends is 12 seconds. And on this machine, a few more 
> processes are started.

That stat on this machine is only three seconds (14:18:11 to 14:18:14).
But that three-second number really doesn't match up to anything I
measured with a stopwatch, see below.

> For you laptop guys, about how long does it take to boot from GRUB to
> prompt using the current bootscripts (I say from GRUB, as the GRUB 
> menu is displayed almost instantaneously after BIOS checks and the 
> system begins booting)?

Not a laptop, but I get 30 seconds from pressing enter in grub until
getting the login: prompt.


1) This test included almost 10 seconds of just the kernel booting up.
The bootscripts didn't start running until around second number 8 or 9.

2) This test also didn't quite use the current bootscripts: I've changed
my copy of the udev script to add a 5-second sleep after the udevsettle
call.  Without that, I kept getting kernel messages while other scripts
were coming up, because various stuff didn't happen in time.  (I run
with dmesg -n set at 7, but I don't care about all that detail while
devices are being found, so for the duration of udev, I set dmesg -n 4.
But it got set back before the drivers finished loading.)  So take 5
seconds off for that modification.

3) About 5-6 seconds of that was waiting for a DHCP lease.  I'm not sure
what it is with this NIC, but it's quite slow at getting a lease.

So the bootscripts themselves were only around 10 seconds of that time.
But of course I don't start X up at boot time, either.

The CPU is a dual-core Athlon 64 4200, if that matters.

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