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Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sun Feb 4 09:53:14 PST 2007

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> TheOldFellow wrote:
>> X start up, I've discovered, is very dependent on how much groping
>> it has to do.  Removing 'auto' from the mouse protocol, saves 5
>> seconds, for instance on one of my systems.
> Interesting.

Especially now that the input device layer in the kernel exposes just
the "ExplorerPS/2" protocol, for every mouse.  Assuming that works
properly (and I'm not sure whether it does: I remember reading a few
things online where people were arguing that it was a bad decision,
based on certain hardware that they used), you shouldn't need auto; it
should just be configured for ExplorerPS/2 regardless of your mouse model.

OTOH, maybe the input device layer doesn't work that way anymore?  I
think it still does, though.

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