Proposal for an LFS-6.3

steve crosby steve.crosby at
Thu Feb 8 00:59:15 PST 2007

On 2/8/07, Alexander E. Patrakov <patrakov at> wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
> > The current LFS SVN has an entirely upgraded toolchain, and many
> > updates to core packages since the 6.2 release. I just built it and
> > it appears rock solid.
> That's because you didn't use any CFLAGS. If you had -Os in CFLAGS, you
> would hit ticket #1935.

Hmmm...the book does state that you should unset any CFLAGS variables
before compiling, since some packages don't behave well - I realise
that's not what your referring to, but the implication is that if you
choose to use non-package specified CFLAGS, your expected to be able
to provide some of your own support.

Not that it wouldn't be good to get the fixes in place, but that
shouldn't be a showstopper for book release

> > Booted without a hitch (using Linux-2.16.20,
> > Udev-105 and current LFS bootscripts). So far, everything seems really
> > solid.
> Well, there are some udev-related bugs that need to be entered into Trac.
> Basically:
>   * The udev bootscript runs, and creates temporary rules for newly-added
> network cards in /dev/shm
>   * The mountfs script mounts tmpfs on top of /dev/shm, hiding temporary rules!
>   * The udev_retry script is supposed to copy temporary rules from /dev/shm
> to the permanent location, but doesn't find them.
> Reordering the scripts is not an option, because the purpose of the
> udev_retry bootscript is also to retry uevents that failed due to
> unavailable /usr. So, it looks like we have to move /dev/shm mounting from
> fstab to the udev script.

Thats not the experience I have here - temporary rules are created in
/dev/.udev, and correctly copied from there to the /etc/udev/rules.d
directory by the udev_retry bootscript. Or is this related to network
cards only? (my temporary rules are for cd-rom naming)

This extract is from lfs-bootscripts-20070203 udev_retry

                # From Debian: "copy the rules generated before / was mounted
                # read-write":
                for file in /dev/.udev/tmp-rules--*; do
                        [ "$dest" = '*' ] && break
                        cat $file >> /etc/udev/rules.d/$dest
                        rm -f $file

                # Re-trigger the failed uevents in hope they will succeed now
                /sbin/udevtrigger --retry-failed

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Steve Crosby

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