Dev book images are missing

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Thu Feb 8 19:18:35 PST 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 02/08/07 19:04 CST:
>> But that makes the book dependent on another package.  Larry put the
>> images for BLFS into subversion in May 2004.  I never noticed before
>> that LFS did it differently.
> Didn't we just have this discussion? Or one similar? Seems we did.
> However, my take is that the images shouldn't be in subversion, but
> we should be getting them from the XSL Stylesheets.

I oppose. If we keep images in Subversion, one would be able to render the 
book on non-LFS machines (e.g. Debian) without overriding the image location 
in the Makefile. DIY-linux does keep images in CVS. OTOH, if one finds out 
how to use the existing (pre-installed) images without hard-coding their 
location into the Makefile, this objection will become moot.

And, while we are discussing the XML topic, I would like someone to look at 
this file from DIY-linux and tell me if this is a valid BLFS XML setup 

Alexander E. Patrakov

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