Dev book images are missing

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Fri Feb 9 12:27:37 PST 2007

On Friday 09 February 2007 01:04, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
> >
> > I noticed this (and since fixed) in my personal render script, but
> > on Quantum the images are not being popluated (due to we don't use
> > a "current" dir any longer), so no images are displayed when viewing
> > the development book on-line.
> The easiest way would be to create a trunk/BOOK/images/ directory in
> subversion and populate it with the images.

Whilst I, like Randy, enjoy the discussion that has arisen from this seemingly 
trivial issue, it does mean that someone has to make a decision as to what to 
do :-)  So, in the interests of moving forward and getting the book to render 
correctly on Quantum, I'll import the images into LFS' subversion repository.

Although I came out opposing the idea, it was a very mild opposition and I 
think I'm right in understanding that Randy is similarly ambivalent about 

Manuel pointed out several advantages to having the images in our repo, and as 
I can't counter them or offer similarly convincing arguments in favour of 
using the images from the DocBook-XSL installation directory then we'll go 
with Bruce's proposal.


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