Various issues with the book

Chris Staub chris at
Mon Feb 19 22:03:54 PST 2007

1. Perhaps it should be made somewhat clearer that the "Linux-Headers" 
installation comes from the kernel tarball. More than one user has come 
into the IRC chat asking if it was the CLFS "Linux-Headers" package.

2. The toolchain-adjustment section says that you can edit the specs 
file by hand, but there is no specs file at all until it's generated by 
that command gcc | sed command.

3. Is m4 really needed in Chapter 5? I thought the only reason it was 
there was because of Binutils, but it doesn't need m4 now...

4. Inetutils installs programs for ipv6, including a "ping6" program. 
Since the FHS says that ping must be in /bin, it would seem to make 
sense to put ping6 there too...this is what we have done in CLFS.

5. The instructions for Man-DB eliminate the reference to /usr/man in 
the manpage search path to remove potential redundant results (since 
/usr/man is a symlink to /usr/share/man). The same should be done for 

6. Are the instructions in Texinfo for optionally installing TeX stuff 
really needed? First, there is no explanation for what TeX is. Second, 
there is no description of what exactly is installed ("components 
belonging in a TeX installation" - what components?). We simply removed 
that in CLFS.

7. The Udev page says that Udev does not install any rules by default. 
Actually, it does. Right make install for Udev...

root at chris:/home/lfs/sources/udev-105# ls /etc/udev/rules.d/
60-cdrom_id.rules              75-persistent-net-generator.rules

Do we want to keep those or replace them? In CLFS we simply eliminate 
the contents of /etc/udev/rules.d immediately after installing Udev.

Also, the "make install-doc" command for the LFS Udev rules creates the 
/usr/share/doc/udev-105 directory so the command for installing the 
documentation for writing Udev rules should be able to be shortened to 
"install -m644 -v docs/writing_udev_rules/index.html 

Also, I have attached a patch with a few text fixes for the book. First, 
the warning in the Bzip2 instructions about needing to run rm 
/usr/bin/bz* if you reinstall is no longer needed with the latest 
version. There are also corrections for the number of Autoconf tests 
that use Automake, and more accurate descriptions of what "make install" 
and "make install-libs" do in E2fsprogs.
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