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Wed Feb 21 09:54:00 PST 2007

El Martes, 20 de Febrero de 2007 09:22, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> > 3. Is m4 really needed in Chapter 5? I thought the only reason it was
> > there was because of Binutils, but it doesn't need m4 now...
> Is that why? I have no idea, and I think you're probably most
> qualified since you did all the work on the dependencies. The other
> things that need it early in Ch. 6 are bison and autoconf, and they're
> taken care of. I just looked through my logs, and gcc checks for m4,
> but I don't think it uses it.
> It could probably be removed or commented out, but I think someone
> will have to do an ICA build to see what happens.

I'm starting now a ICA/farce build to test that and to verify that the warning 
in the Bzip2 instructions about needing to run rm /usr/bin/bz* if you 
reinstall is no longer needed with the latest version. T

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