Parallelizing bootscripts [was: Make bootscripts more POSIX compliant]

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Wed Feb 21 16:42:59 PST 2007

On 2/21/07, Bryan Kadzban <bryan at> wrote:
> > I submitted some patches the other day that got things working on
> > dash for me.
> That was this post, right (the one that started this thread)?
> Are those still the current patches? I remember some discussion of
> testing whether echo or /bin/echo supports -e, and the first of those
> patches just "punts" to printf instead. If you have an updated patch,
> I'll certainly look through it again. (I'd say just commit your changes
> to the repo, but I suspect it'd be better to get some opinions on any
> updated version of them that may exist.)

Yeah. I'll put the changes together tonight. The main thing is `echo
-[en]'. I'm thinking I'll probably take Bruce's suggestion and add a
feature test for echo in functions and then change any echo's needing
special formatting to $ECHO. Here's the test (probably not that

case "`echo -e -n test`" in
    -[en]*) ECHO=/bin/echo ;;
    *) ECHO=echo ;;

> > I also want to try posh, like Alexander suggested. There were a
> > couple changes that Bruce suggested, too.
> Let us know what you come up with; I'd be in favor of dropping those
> changes right in, at least until the LSB stuff stabilizes.

I'll probably drop in the changes I've made since I won't get to the
posh testing tonight. I'll fix up anything later after I try that out.


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