Testing required: SVN build segfaults on stripping chapter6

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 23 10:39:06 PST 2007

Hi folks.

At least Manuel and I are experiencing segfaults when using jhalfs.  It occurs 
during chapter06/stripping-again.  I've narrowed the problem down 
to /lib/lib{history,readline}.so.5.2.  Can anyone else confirm that 
performing the following command fails (either segfaults, or causes the shell 
to hang):

/tools/bin/find /{,usr/}{bin,lib,sbin} -type f \
  -exec /tools/bin/strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'

Could you also confirm that the following command succeeds:

/tools/bin/find /{,usr/}{bin,lib,sbin} -type f \
  -name -not libhistory.so.5.2 -name -not libreadline.so.5.2 \
  -exec /tools/bin/strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'

If anyone can confirm the above, could you also suggest an explanation as to 
why the above two libraries are problematic?  I initially thought it was a 
problem specific to jhalfs, because of the way it executes scripts 
under /bin/bash  (therefore /lib/lib* would be in use and stripping may cause 
problems).  I think Manuel's done tests to force the stripping to be executed 
under /tools/bin/bash and had the same result though, which rules that 
explanation out.



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