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Sat Feb 24 05:44:18 PST 2007

El Sábado, 24 de Febrero de 2007 14:30, Bryan Kadzban escribió:

> Or, since I'm not at all sure how the automatic indexing stuff works yet
> in DocBook ({indexterm}, etc.), perhaps it would be possible to just
> remove the hyphens for that package, and call it "Linux 2.6.20 Headers"
> or "Linux Headers", so those strings show up in the index (and on the
> rest of the pages)?

Right, the Index need be fixed. It uses yet the tagging inherited for when 
using the Linux-libc-headers package.

Also I vote for changing the pages title to "Linux-2.6.20 API Headers"

I can do both changes later today if there are no complaints.

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