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Sat Feb 24 16:14:22 PST 2007

El Domingo, 25 de Febrero de 2007 00:43, Ken Moffat escribió:

>  Sorry I'm a bit later than I'd like in replying to this, but I saw
> these running farce on the book as it was in December.  Didn't
> bother reporting it, so feel free to moan at me.

Thanks for remembering that now.

My second ICA/farce build has finished just now, and it corfims that that GCC 
binaries differs also having M4 on chapter05. That builds has been done 
before the GCC, Glibc, and DB updates done by Matthew this morning. 

I will start tomorrow another build with the updated LFS-SVN code (if the new 
patches are availables for download at that time) and without chapter05 M4. 

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