Breakage with bleeding edge host toolchains (Fedora)

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Tue Feb 27 20:13:50 PST 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> I suppose that would probably work. It opens the door that people 
> would forget to make it executable again.

Hmm, that could be an issue.  We can put commands into the book to make
it executable again (in fact I'd say we'd have to, if we want the book
to be usable ;-)), but there's nothing that would force the user to run
them.  Problems would likely only show up either when they try to
chroot, or when they try to compile the first package in chapter 6.

Perhaps an additional test to check which linker is being used would
help?  (Similar to the tests that run after the specs file gets created,
to check that the right runtime linker is being put into the binaries.)

> But, that's probably no more error prone than expecting people to
> pass the correct -B arg to gcc.

Well, I don't know about that.  At least with -B, you're either setting
an option or you aren't (and if you don't, you still have a chance of
working properly, depending on your distro's specs).  It's a temporary
thing used for just one package, and the method of setting it is also
temporary.  But if we do the permissions thing, then it's an on-disk
change; it's not automatically set back the way CC gets unset by the


>> Or how about $COMPILER_PATH?
> This is essentially the same as passing -B.

You're right that the effects are the same, and if there's no objection
to -B, I'd say use it instead (just because I don't know a ton about gcc
internals; certainly not as much as Greg).  But COMPILER_PATH might be
one way to get around the issue of -B not being intended for this, which
I think was an objection raised earlier.  (But maybe I'm mistaken --
maybe another workaround that was mentioned wasn't intended to fix this
issue.  I don't remember the details anymore.)  It would depend on what
else (if anything) is affected by the flag and the environment variable.

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