Bootscript patches

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Jul 4 17:31:08 PDT 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> I suppose this is a little OT, but it's semi-related. Has anyone ever 
> considered adding chkconfig or a custom equivalent to our bootscripts 
> package? It would definitely make management and administration of the 
> installed scripts easier
Considered?  Yeah.  When I was working on the LSB-v3 scripts, I had
started on a bash version of install_initd and remove_initd, using a
functions file that could have been sourced by other scripts should the
need arise.  I lost scope about 3 arrays deep, while trying to keep the
disk reads and writes at program start and exit only.  I decided that
bash really wasn't suitable and gave up on it.

The current popular flavor of the LSB scripts are written in python, so
it's a no go for the base LFS.  I had considered adding a contrib
directory to BLFS at a later date with the BLFS scripts that I had
modified for LSB-v3 and including the already written python scripts
(modified for the X-LFS headers), but have yet to discuss that on list. 

I'm not completely certain, but I don't believe that there is any
interest in replacing the current scripts with an LSB style
implementation at this time.  Also noteworthy, the contrib scripts have
not had any dash/ash testing and might be a step backwards in that regard.

-- DJ Lucas

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