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Thu Jul 5 19:32:02 PDT 2007

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Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Install the "hibernate-script" package, version 1.91 (version 1.93
> has a bug, and I have not tested any later versions): 

OK, I saw that in the livecd repo, along with the patch.  I'm not about
to look through the hibernate script to see how it does whatever it
does, though, so I'll just install it, using your instructions.

> 1) Add "resume=/dev/myvg/swap" to the kernel arguments in menu.lst

Which causes the initramfs to echo the major:minor of the LV into
/sys/power/resume -- however, the kernel I built doesn't have a
/sys/power/resume file.  I assume I missed some build option that would
create it?

Oh, OK, that's exactly what happened.  The resume file is only created
if CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND is turned on, but that depends on either
!CONFIG_SMP, or CONFIG_SUSPEND_SMP.  (Apparently it doesn't work to
suspend or resume with >1 CPU if the kernel can't shut them down
individually.)  I had CONFIG_SMP on (since the kernel was originally
running on a dual-core CPU), but CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU off (since I don't
hot-plug CPUs, and it's marked experimental).

Turning HOTPLUG_CPU off disables SUSPEND_SMP, which then disables
SOFTWARE_SUSPEND; turning HOTPLUG_CPU back on let me turn on
SOFTWARE_SUSPEND, and now that I've turned that on and recompiled, the
resume file is there.  So that's all set now.

> 2) Make sure that /dev/myvg/swap is mentioned as swap space in
> /etc/fstab

It is.  :-)

> 3) Run "hibernate" and boot again.

This will be the real test, of course -- I may get to it tomorrow, or it
may be on Saturday (assuming nothing else comes up).  Will post back
once I get something committed and tested.
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