Safer linux-headers install

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Wed Jul 11 00:23:00 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:

> When you run `make headers_install' from the kernel, it will remove all
> headers not from the kernel list in INSTALL_HDR_PATH. This bites people
> who try to reinstall them,

> I think we should just use a temporary path and cp it to /usr/include 
> since this is safer for all cases and removes the problem of silently 
> removing glibc's headers.

Agreed. I've received occasional complaints about this in the DIY build.
Tho' if you're going to change it, you should consider giving the same
treatment to Ch 5 for consistency's sake. (the headers being wiped in Ch5
are those from the Binutils install, which luckily, are not needed).


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