Safer linux-headers install

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Wed Jul 11 07:25:02 PDT 2007

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> On 7/11/07, Luca2 <liliana.perossa at> wrote:
>> I didn't attach the patch because I'm not home nor on that box and, 
>> oh
>> my god (...horror...), am on a M$ box because a project I'm involved.
> Why don't you just explain it, then?

I'm involed in a research group on a manuscript (probably medieval but 
date is unknown) in which there are unknown letter shapes and language 
and it's still untranslated.
I reused code I wrote in VB6 years ago upgrading it to .NET Framework 
because I didn't have the time to port it under Linux; the software 
reads xml files (with words, grammar rules, fonts for each known 
language, archaic to modern - a xml file for each language) and it 
should compare everything with manuscript words, fonts to grammar rules 
to break the ms. code and "decipher" it, revealing letter shapes, 
grammar rules etc... and, finally, translating it.
To try to date it we use astronomical softwares searching eclipses and 
planets positions like some found in some images on the manuscript 

Sure, now, after porting to .NET I could try if it works using Mono and 
this is the next step, anyway first I would like to see it working under 
M$ to be sure there are no issues left.

> That sort of sucks to have the extra cp. The other thing that could be
> done is take the clean header tree in ./usr/include by headers_check
> and just cp that. Then it's the same number of commands.

I was only joking, nothing more.

> Permissions look fine from my test here, but maybe it comes out
> different when run as root. Please report this if you find it's still
> the case and maybe we'll throw in a chmod.
> --
> Dan

I'll try this evening or tomorrow and, if confirmed, report it.


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