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Sat Jul 14 04:10:05 PDT 2007

El Sábado, 14 de Julio de 2007 01:26, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> I would actually really like to add x86_64 (non-multilib to start)
> support to LFS and BLFS. It's becoming increasingly uncommon to even
> be able to purchase a non-64bit processor at this point. We can
> basically copy what Greg's done on DIY (which is where I go looking
> for native toolchain stuff anyway), and maybe we could use Manuel's
> XSLfoo to not have a whole bunch of $ARCH conditionals.
> That's what I think, anyway.

When was proposed to convert the cross-build branch into a separate CLFS book 
instead to merge it into the main LFS book, I mentioned that LFS should start 
including at least pure and multilib x86_64 native builds to not die:

IMHO, we need to release LFS-6.3 ASAP and start working on 7.x book series 
including  x86_64 support. 

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