Preparing for 6.3 Release

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Jul 16 06:02:06 PDT 2007

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> Possibly the only solution would be a separate 64-bit livecd, but that's
> a bunch more work for the maintainers (and may not even be possible for
> them to build, I don't know).  :-(

Wow, I'm really not thinking straight these days. Of course you're right 
about the 64-bit userspace.

Hmmm... Looking at the livecd repo, I'm seeing that Alexander has 
included a 64-bit gcc and binutils. So a step in that direction has 
already been taken.

I have 64-bit machines, so it's possible to start on a 64-bit CD. Just 
need to dedicate some time in that direction.


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