LiveCD Users

Uwe Düffert dueffert at
Wed Jul 18 05:35:15 PDT 2007


> 1) What version of the CD do you use/have?
Some 6.2-x, when I last needed one, about half a year ago.

> 2) What do you use the CD most for?
booting a box where no working current Linux is installed, i.e. prior
Linux installations are damaged, too old for a certain purpose or just not

> 3) What are the most useful parts of the CD to you?
Having a "known good" Linux installation that 1) enables me to start
building LFS on a box without having to care about prerequisites like
kernel versions on that box and 2) can be used as fallback OS in case
anything went wrong (boot sector overwritten or something like that).

> 4) What is the most annoying or useless bits of the CD?
I never examined what I did not use of it... Well, the sources are not
that important to me, because I tend to use the most current (and
externally stored) versions (and not the ones from the last LiveCD at
hand) if I decide to "play" with LFS again. On the other hand: if there is
enough space its convenient to have a good starting set of packages
available at no extra cost. Most annoying is probably having to specify
the same parameters (like keyboard layout) every time when booting. But
I'm not sure either whether storing that somewhere on HD or giving the
user a certain time to press a key to enter such info instead of using a
default would be better.

> 5) What would you change/add/improve?
For me, having a current "always works" solution is the main benefit, but
I dont have any idea at the moment how that could be improved further.


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