LiveCD Users

kas kas111 at
Wed Jul 18 09:58:35 PDT 2007

On Tuesday 17 July 2007 11:29:52 pm Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> 1) What version of the CD do you use/have?

I'm using 6.3-r1952 although I have 6.2.5 also

> 2) What do you use the CD most for?

I'm exploring jhalfs ... basically just learning {,b,c}LFS ... but mostly I am 
just futzing around learning by making mistakes

> 3) What are the most useful parts of the CD to you?

Being able to boot into a known good environment to build within.

I ike being able to run X ... in particular, I've found the I really like xfce 
as a working environment.  Having a browser open along with a xterm makes for 
very convenient cut and paste.

I have the LiveCD installed on a partition of the 2 systems I'm using with 
LFS currently.
> 4) What is the most annoying or useless bits of the CD?

I don't have any ... although there are certainly things I haven't gotten 
around to using yet such as distcc ... I did read a warning about parallel 
compiling but I am wondering how booting a couple machines off the same CD 
would affect things ... but what I do best is procrastinate.  

> 5) What would you change/add/improve?

Just a minor quibble ... jhalfs-2.2 is listed as latest stable yet 2.1 is on 
the r1952 CD ... takes about 15 sec to fix but it prolly ought to be updated 
for consistency ... but, boy howdy, I'm a happy camper.  I haven't looked for 
anything later although I know Jeremy has been working on the no-source CD.

I am quite interested in getting X86_64 running but I'm not up-to-speed on 
CLFS yet ... I am looking forward to learning what I can as the project moves 
forward in that direction.


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