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> Indeed. I meant to drop something in, but forgot about it. bin86/lilo
> would probably be alright. Anyone tried grub2?


Grub-0.9x is old Grub legacy and no-more maintained.

Grub-1.x is new one (latest I tried was 1.95, release 2006-10-15) but 
it's still experimental and doesn't support all file-systems features 
(xfs btrees aren't supported as example) but it will support much 
file-systems than old one; I tried it only x86 but there was a similar 
discussion in Debian for x86-64 arch support.

Supported archs are: PC (i386), Mac (powerpc), Pegasos II (powerpc), 
Sparc v9 (Sun UltraSparc) - under development, Mac (i386) - under 
Supported file-systems: ext2, fat (+ long filenames), ufs (versions 1 
and 2), minix (versions 1 and 2), iso9660 (plus rockridge extensions), 
jfs, hfs, affs, sfs, xfs (no btrees).
Supported loaders: PC (chainloader, linux, multiboot), Mac (linux).
Terminals: PC (VGA framebuffer, textmode, VESA framebuffer - in 
progress), PPC & UltraSparc ( ANSI - Open Firmware).
Partition maps: standard pc and extended partitions, BSD partitions, 
Macintosh partitions, Amiga style partitions (RDB), Sun partitions, GPT 
(used by EFI).
Features: memory management, module loading, font support (framebuffer 
only), grub-emu (testing/debugging), argument parsing interface, 
rescue/normal mode, variable support, compression support, command 
history/tab completion (normal mode), scripting.

Anyway you can find more on the GRUB Wiki - http://grub.enbug.org/ - 
under GRUB 2.


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