{B,C}LFS State of Things (was Re: SVN-20070706: ...)

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Mon Jul 23 21:30:02 PDT 2007

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> That's what bringing x86_64 into LFS would be - adding what has 
> already
> been done with deviations appropriate for our BOOK/community. I'm not 
> at
> all trying to make this about me, so it's not *my* deviations. The 
> only
> reason I was the one to create the branch and start dropping in 
> changes
> is because I was hoping to create a full 64-bit LiveCD. It would be 
> very
> useful to me personally and at work, and we've had a few requests for
> such a CD on the livecd list.

Hello Jeremy.

Really I appreciate your efforts.

A full 64-bit LiveCD is interesting indeed, I'm working since last year 
to a DVD installation set covering archs I've tested and adding more 
things to installation options, deviating from LFS and BLFS so don't 
take it as related or whatever.
Now I'm looking for a good Qt4 programming book to change installer to 
have it graphical too (if one wants it) using Qt libraries (I don't like 
Gtk, that's all).

Best wishes,

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