Add an IP alias to ethernet interface

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Mon Jun 4 16:22:54 PDT 2007

Andrew Beverley wrote:
> I've created an ipv4-alias script, please see attached. However, it
> is almost exactly the same as the ipv4-static script (it still needs
> all the same parameters as a normal static address), which makes me
> think that the ipv4-static script should just be updated so that it
> can deal with an ALIAS variable (similar to the script Rabenkind
> did).

Would there be any problem with doing an:

ip addr add <addr>/<prefix> dev eth0

(or equivalent) and dispensing with the aliased interface name?  If so,
it may be simpler to just add a second config file (with the same
ipv4-static SERVICE) to the ifconfig.eth0 directory; then you wouldn't
need a new service script.  :-)

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