suggest 'make -j2' for SMP machines?

Deskin Miller deskinm at
Mon Jun 4 19:56:03 PDT 2007

On 6/4/07, Miguel Bazdresch <lfs-01 at> wrote:
> Deskin Miller wrote:
> > [ should the book say anything about 'make -j X' on multi-core systems? ]
> ['make -j X' where X is number of cores is more or less optimal...]
> As far as mentioning it in the book... I'm not enthusiastic, since
> it's basic knowledge of how your computer works... OTOH we already
> say some pretty basic things, and the proliferation of multicore
> CPUs might warrant a mention of make -j.

The concept of matching 'make -j X' to the number of cores isn't
difficult, but I'd argue it's worth a mention as much for those who
haven't had cause to wonder about 'make's various flags before, as to
give people a lesson in multi-core theory: in my own case, as a Linux
user for several years now, make -j was an eye-opener when I came
across it only yesterday, since I had never had a SMP or multi-core
system until very recently upon which to compile, and thus unwittingly
filtered out from my Linux knowledge the make flags which didn't have
any use to me, until now.

In short: say it for those who lack 'make' knowledge, as well as those
who lack 'multi-core' knowledge.

-Deskin Miller

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