suggest 'make -j2' for SMP machines?

taipan67 sysadm.taipan67 at
Tue Jun 5 03:30:56 PDT 2007

Mohan wrote:
> I've actually seen some improvement on compile times running Athlons
> and such as well with -j2... I suspect it fills time the compiler spends
> waiting for this or that read, or write, or something.  There are
> certainly a lot of packages I've run into that have trouble with
> parallelization, though.  Not that it's much of a problem to just start
> the compile again without -j2.
I've only just completed my 1st LFS build, having come from 3 years on 
Gentoo, where the '-j' flag is one of the standard options. Their 
recommendation (listed in /etc/make.conf.example) is to set it to "the 
number of cpu's plus one", which for my AthlonXP meant '-j2'...

...I completely forgot it's existence during this LFS build, & without 
it i'm almost positive that my compile-times were faster (toolchain 
packages more than twice as fast).

So now i'm thinking that Gentoo's recommendation is somewhat innacurate, 
& would be better worded as "set -j to the number of cpu-cores" or some 
such, having no personal experience of such a configuration, but 
agreeing with the theories set forth in this thread...

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