Preparing for 6.3 Release

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Jun 8 14:23:53 PDT 2007

So, I think it's about time we start pushing out a 6.3 release. What
do you guys think? Here are the outstanding issues I can think of.

* Linux-2.6.21: Yesterday I read this blog post from the Fedora kernel
  Dave Jones:

   Doesn't exactly make 2.6.21 sound like the appealing kernel to base
our stable
   release on. I'm not the expert here, but it may be better to wait
for 2.6.22. Food
   for thought, anyway.

 * Docbook XML/XSL changes: Manuel, how's that coming along? I haven't really
   been paying attention to this lately.

 * Udev rules: Alexander has posted in a couple other places that we have broken
   rules for DVB and floppy device setup. Alexander/Bryan, could you
guys look at
   our ruleset and make sure they do everything we want them to?

 * Bootscripts: There are a couple changes that I'd like to get in.
Nothing critical.
   I'll have a separate post on that.

Anything else?


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