Preparing for 6.3 Release

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Mon Jun 11 08:57:08 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote:

> "If you're using the toram option, you must remount the CD to use the
> package tarballs in /lfs-sources."
> I don't know if that's all that's correct. I didn't investigate when I
> was using toram yesterday.

Now we have an additional variable: the -nosrc CD, which doesn't contain 
sources, but must contain the same /etc/issue file, because root.ext2 is the 
same. If we don't find a wording that covers all three cases, I will have to 
generate /etc/issue during boot. Anyway, the /lfs-sources symlink should be 
removed during boot if it is dangling, so a script (or part of initramfs 
/init) is needed anyway.

>>> 3) Undocumented initramfs boot options. Maybe we should document things like
>>> "noapic pci=noacpi", too.
> That'd be nice. Is it possible to add more documentation pages to
> isolinux? We could add options2.msg and add "F2 options2.msg" to
> isolinux.cfg, right?


> The only package I saw that I thought was borderline was
> xf86-video-intel-2.0.0. You and I both read the xorg mailing list and
> know that it's not stable yet. If you're curious, the G965 is
> supported just fine in xf86-video-i180-1.7.4. I've been using it for
> months. It doesn't have all the fancy functionality of intel-2.0.0
> (but neither does the livecd since it's using libXrandr-1.1.2), but
> it's working fine. What was the reason for updating to 2.0.0?

Ability to set modes that the monitor prefers (e.g., native resolution on 
LCD monitors). According to forums, 915resolution is not too reliable (e.g., 
Xorg and the monitor disagree upon the synchronization frequencies). 
However, now I am not sure whether xf86-video-intel-2.0.0 is really better. 
Anyway, it supports more hardware (new: i965GM, found in laptops).

>> 6) In Japanese locales, fontconfig chooses the wrong default font (AR PL New
>> Sung, while it should use Kochi fonts)
> Is there any way to change this in fonts.conf? It looks like you're
> adding configuration for firefly, but not for kochi.

Ignore this. It was a panic from my side after seeing non-antialiased fonts, 
not a real bug. Kochi fonts are known to fontconfig out of the box, but AR 
PL New Sung isn't.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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