Add an IP alias to ethernet interface

Andrew Beverley andy at
Tue Jun 12 09:54:46 PDT 2007

Thanks for the reply Sebastian.

> />A lot of the information on the web that I came across is quite old and
> >referred to either creating a whole new interface directory (eth0:0 -
> >which of course didn't work), or using ifconfig.
> Why does that not work? It has been working for the last 2 years on my
> server!

I was incorrect, it does work. However:

1. It uses the old style aliasing scheme as used by ifconfig.

2. It only works because the ip command just ignores the :n on the
interface name.

3. Because the :n is ignored you might as well not have separate
interface directories - just lump all your configuration files in the
ifconfig.eth0 directory (calling them different names).

4. The correct way of identifying aliases (although optional) is using
the 'label' argument to ip. This brings us back to the previous
discussion, which I believe the outcome was that an ALIAS option should
be added to the ipv4-static script.



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