Wrong cpu nodes for cpuid driver

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Tue Jun 12 16:07:17 PDT 2007

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Dan Nicholson wrote:
> Oh, wow. I just found this upstream version of devices.txt.
> http://www.lanana.org/docs/device-list/devices-2.6+.txt
> Someone should go through our rules and see if there are any 
> discrepancies.

It'll take a bit, but I'll start on it.  (Actually I'll start at the end
and work backwards, in case anybody else is starting at the beginning.)

For reference, to see your devices in a format that can be compared to
the list fairly easily, you can:

ls -l /dev | grep ^[bc] | sort -s -k 5,5n -k 1.1,1.1 -k 6,6n

but of course that doesn't show devices in subdirectories of /dev, and
it only shows devices that your system supports.

> I notice this:
> The prefix /dev/sr (instead of /dev/scd) has been deprecated.

Yeah, we should probably fix that one, at least.  OTOH, if the user uses
persistent names, they won't need to use sr* or scd*.  Oh well, it
should still be corrected.

> I also noticed that most of my devices in /dev/pts have the tape 
> group instead of tty. Anyone else notice this?

Mine all have my user's primary GID.  That's odd.

OTOH, /dev/pts isn't handled by udev either, it's handled by the devpts
filesystem.  According to the grantpt(3) manpage, the GID of the slave
device isn't specified in any standard; it may just be that your devpts
decides to use the tape group for some crazy reason.

tape isn't your user's primary GID, is it?
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