Wrong cpu nodes for cpuid driver

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 10:31:07 PDT 2007

On 6/12/07, Bryan Kadzban <bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net> wrote:
> Dan Nicholson wrote:
> > I also noticed that most of my devices in /dev/pts have the tape
> > group instead of tty. Anyone else notice this?
> Mine all have my user's primary GID.  That's odd.
> OTOH, /dev/pts isn't handled by udev either, it's handled by the devpts
> filesystem.  According to the grantpt(3) manpage, the GID of the slave
> device isn't specified in any standard; it may just be that your devpts
> decides to use the tape group for some crazy reason.

I figured it out. The culprit is screen, which seems to do it's own
permissions handling on ptys, and the fact that when I built it, I was
in the chroot on a Fedora system, where tty is group 5. It looks like
you can work around this with --with-pty-group=tty. Don't know if
that's a candidate for the BLFS book or not.


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